Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time to find a new thing...

Before Melanie and I were married we bought a little Nissan pickup...shiny red, fabulous stereo for all those 80's tunes, and we customized the inside just to fit us and all the running around we did as newlyweds. As the birth of our first child approached a few years later we realized we couldn't keep the truck. No matter how we could have rearranged things in that little truck it simply wouldn't work as our family was about to take on substantial changes.

I think in many ways our nation, state, and communities are facing similar structural changes. It isn't good enough anymore to talk about "doing things differently" (implying slight modification to the way we've always done things) it is time to realize that the future will demand "doing different things." Whether it is the way we do housing, finance, transportation, business development, childcare, or care for our environment we're going to need to explore different things to do; not just tweak what we're currently doing. Let's start the conversations.

"Conversation is the laboratory and workshop of the student." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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