Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hard it worth it?

Having spent 14 hours on yard work this weekend, I am reminded the value of hard work. Melanie and I spent the whole weekend making changes to and cleaning up our front and back yards. As we sit here exhausted Sunday night we are delighted with the results. Perfect? No, not perfect, but certainly worth the effort. We love it.

Hard work really does pay off. Dedicate hard work to something and you're sure to find success. Success measured by the satisfaction that the results you achieved are because you put your ALL into it.

What are you dedicating hard work to? Here are some of the things I'm focusing on...
  • Understanding how my faith plays out in everyday life for the blessing of others
  • Guiding my children to grow up and give back
  • Making sure my wife knows how valuable she is
  • Ensuring that my community is led in the right direction

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